Wolf Creek Kennels
About Wolf Creek

We at Wolf Creek Kennels put a lot of effort into our pups. They are hand raised with children and other pets. We treat them as family, and care very much about each one. Each breeding adult has been chosen to compliment the other. We don't just pair any two random animals together. We have very high standards and do not sell to anyone that does not meet the requirements. We sell on a strict no breeding rights contract. We have a high content wolfdog line, and a purebred Alaskan Malamute line. Our wolfdogs have verified reputable lineage.  So many owners have bought a wolfdog with misrepresented content, including myself. This is not the case at Wolf Creek Kennels.
When buying from us, you get the real deal! I recommend Taste Of the Wild dry food for wolfdogs, and Eukanuba large breed for Malamutes. We also give our animals a supplement of raw  Deer, Elk, Chicken, and Beef,  and bones. Located in Southern Utah.

Puppy News!
We are expecting a litter with Keira and Shadow! These will be large pups, and considered giants. She is due June 15th and the puppies will be ready to leave late July at 6 weeks of age.

 To get on our waiting list, go to the Contact Us page, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.